Emergency First Aid at Work 88, 3-day First Aid at Work 219, 1-day Paediatric First Aid 77 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) ; 3-day First Aid at Work (RQF). HSE-approved courses: 1-day  Emergency First Aid at Work  85, 3-day First Aid at Work  215, 2-day Paediatric First Aid 99.  
	Tel 020 8133 8552. Email: admin@londonfirstaidtraining.com
Tel: 020 8133 8552; Email: admin@londonfirstaidtraining.com
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Non-First Aid courses

Manual Handling (3 hours)

Moving&Handling People (1 day)

Fire Safety Awareness (3 hours)

Fire Marshal (1 day)

Health&Safety (3 hours)

Infection Control (3 hours)

Food Hygiene (3 hours)

Diabetes Awareness (3 hours)

Epilepsy and Rescue Med(1 day)

Medications Admin(3 hours)

Fire Safety Awareness

CPR training

Duration:Half day

Course Content:

  • Identify the statistics and causes of fire
  • Recognise the methods of fire prevention
  • Recognise what actions to take if they discover a fire
  • Identify the fire triangle along with the elements that are needed to cause a fire
  • State the various fire extinguishers within their workplace
  • Identify various types of safety signs within the workplace